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Homeowners today have different expectations and requirements for home comfort from a few years ago, when the main priority was security and the systems that provide it. Today, the desire to experience a daily comfortable experience that increases the pleasure of spending time at home comes first. Homes that offer a high quality of life in all conditions, meeting all the needs of their owners. Modern high-energy and fully efficient buildings that reduce consumption and are completely environmentally sustainable. All the listed advantages responsible for home comfort are possible b lagoendowment of home automation.

ALOCOR achieves the perfection in home automation with Ekinex’s® building management controllers and components. Masterfully crafted in the spirit of fine Italian aesthetics, Ekinex products allow you to control and monitor your entire home by focusing on people rather than technology.

The building management system provides a comfortable indoor climate, high air quality and pleasant lighting for every moment of the day. The manual buttons can be easily combined with voice commands, smartphones and the specially developed Ekinex control application – Delégo. Time and presence commands allow you to control processes at home no matter where you are – at home or away from home.

Automation and management systems for residential buildings allow the regulation of climate and air quality. The ease of their use is considered an essential part of quality of life, and the advantages in terms of energy consumption are considerable.

The various components for residential management systems are designed with adequate dimensions, supplemented with symbols and signal LED lamps powered by very low voltage, which makes them safer. The materials from which they are made are of high quality and pleasant to the touch.

Different controllers allow control through applications on your smartphone or through voice commands, capabilities that greatly simplify everyday life.

Technology and comfort in the home are no longer just an option, but a profitable element in the real estate market. The installation of a home automation system raises the price of the property compared to residential buildings equipped only with traditional installation systems.

An analysis conducted by specialized portals found that at least a quarter of the requests for offers received concern home automation devices, and 24% of new owners who renovate a house after purchase include at least one home automation element. From the real cases examined in the new construction sector, it is clear that home automation is already included in both high-end and lower-budget projects.

Source of reference: article by Adriano Lovera —> www.ilsole24ore.com

We spend most of our time in confined spaces. Dynamic light management can make a significant contribution to the well-being of building occupants. Today, lighting can be adjusted in terms of light intensity and color, as well as changing dynamically in different stages of the day cold white light to wake up, intense white light to promote concentration in the active part of the day, and soft white light in the late afternoon to prepare for the evening. This regulation is possible thanks to LED lights and a variety of lighting fixtures that allow the emission of intense or diffuse light, controlled by a home automation system.

Dynamic light control makes it possible to reproduce natural conditions in the home, offering ecological living conditions closer to their biological needs.

Problems with poor air quality can arise even in confined environments caused by pollutants inside and by the increase in CO2 concentration due to human presence.

This aspect should not be underestimated, as in Europe on average more than 90% of their time people spend indoors. If exposure to pollutants over time becomes very prolonged, the problem is no longer only the well-being of the environment, but can also seriously affect people’s health. Therefore, ensuring high air quality in the home is a necessity. This process can be supported by ventilation control using the home automation system, allowing both high air quality and energy efficiency to be achieved.

Fenix NTM® is an innovative nanotechnology material developed and used in all areas of interior (kitchens, furniture, retail outlets, restaurants, sanitary facilities, etc.). The material consists of paper (more than 60%) and thermo-hardening resins (about 30-40%) and is produced by a special process in which heat and pressure are applied simultaneously to obtain a homogeneous and non-porous material. The inner layer is composed of paper impregnated with heat-curing resins, while the outer surface requires the use of nanotechnology and is composed of new generation acrylic resins hardened and fixed with the process – electron beam curing. In low light reflection, its surface is extremely opaque, anti-fingerprint and has a pleasant softness to the touch. Fenix NTM® is highly resistant to abrasion, abrasions and dry heat. Significantly reduces bacterial load, making the surface hygienic and easy to clean, resistant to mold, percussion and acid solvents and household reagents.

The innovative material is a finishing touch to Ekinex® wall controllers and products. It improves the design of accessories and they do not go unnoticed and unappreciated by architects, interior designers and end customers.

Single Application Control

Delégo is the application through which you can manage and control the Ekinex system

Delégo is the application through which you can manage and control the Ekinex home automation system via your mobile iOS or Android device. The application interface is simple and intuitive, allowing interaction with the home automation system through the use of a common smartphone.

With Delégo, you control lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, curtains or blinds, audio/video equipment and many other home automation features with just one touch from a single device and from anywhere, with Wi-Fi access or remotely via a web connection. You have the opportunity to create, change and adjust different scenarios, as well as monitor the different consumption of the home. From the main menu you can select the management: by area or by service, direct access to the page through the scenarios is also possible. Integration with Ekinex devices is immediate and is enriched by compatibility with any other device based on the open KNX standard.

See more about Delégo at this link.

2018 was the year in which voice assistants integrated into home speakers offered by some major international companies were massively successful. From gadgets that recall a favorite piece of music or listen to the weather forecast, voice assistants are becoming more widespread instruments that influence many activities of our daily lives. Now these devices are also available as an easy and intuitive interface for managing the smart home, allowing the most immediate control you can think of: pronouncing the action to be performed.

That’s why Ekinex offers devices that work as an interface between home speakers with Apple’s, Google’s and Amazon’s voice assistant, and a KNX (TP) network.

Ekinex compact devices simplify everyday life between home walls. In combination with Amazon’s apps, Apple and Google also allow you to use your smartphone as an alternative to the column for full control of the Ekinex system.

The consumer increasingly feels the need to use and surround himself with products and belongings customized to his needs and tastes. Ekinex® does not overlook these needs and constantly expands its library of symbols with new icons that can be used throughout their range of plastic, metal Fenix NTM keyboards.

The Ekinex symbol library can be found HERE.

In addition, Ekinex® offers the ability to create icons designed or proposed by customers (in vector format ai, eps, dwg, dxf or pdf), to fully customize all commands at home.

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With home automation solutions, combining comfort with high levels of efficiency is achievable and an advantage that more and more users will need in the future.

Some examples of efficiency and energy conservation: heating and cooling only where and when needed, using the free contribution of heat and light, and avoiding unnecessary energy dispersal outside the home. In addition, thanks to the Delégo app, you can be immediately informed about your home’s consumption and progress over time: a quick and effective way to identify anomalies and avoid wasting resources.

Together with Ekinex, Alocor offers a full range of products that allows you to control all the main functions of the heat and electrical system:

Intelligent load management allows you to automatically activate and deactivate major household electrical appliances according to the set priority scale, optimising usage according to contract power and avoiding annoying detachments or heavy redundancy. The integrated logic also allows to take into account the availability of electricity produced from renewable sources, such as solar photovoltaic panels.

Building automation provides comfort and efficient management of all systems in your home, office or hotel. WithHome automation offers significant savings in energy and resource consumption.
The advantages are not limited to improving the economic balance, the wear and tear of the systems is reduced, and the building becomes much more environmentally sustainable.

Source: Ekinex

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