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Fire alarm and alarm systems are an important component in the cycle of automated building systems. Regarded as automatic alarm installations, fire alarm systems play a key role in preserving the lives of the occupants of the various sites. Modern construction is distinguished by buildings with many available supports, respectively inhabited by many people, which becomes a prerequisite for the faster spread of possible fires. In the event of a difficult evacuation, many human casualties would result. Such unfortunate situations can be avoided with the availability of reliable means to locate and signal the initial phase of a fire. Assessing the importance of fire alarm systems, the ALOCOR team of specialists , in partnership with ESSER (by Honeywell), offers its customers solutions and develops individual projects tailored entirely to their needs and requirements.


The fire alarm systems that ALOCOR provides to its customers are sustainable in the future. They are custom-configured with a flexible extension with all new functionalities and components. With the improvement of the individual components, the design of the fire alarm components is also undergoing modernization. Priority is given to exquisite and clean design, user-friendliness, as well as ensuring low lifecycle and maintenance costs.

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Thanks to their modular structure, voice alarm systems from ALOCOR and ESSER facilitate the implementation of small and large solutions for public addressing, background music, alarm and evacuation. ESSER responded quickly to the expansion of classical application areas in voice alarm systems: With the VARIODYN® D1. The new product line, approved by VdS for the voice alarm trend, comes with a wide-ranging product portfolio for a variety of application areas, from digital communications devices and power amplifiers to compact complete systems.

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The control system is a computer based software for the operation, collection and management of data from connected subsystems. Advanced user rights management provides specific access to data and for the operation of subsystems, including automatic structuring of messages in the management system. In this way, different installations can be integrated into the same user surface, such as: alarm systems, fire alarm systems, video surveillance, access control, exit route control, voice alarms and sound systems, emergency door control and others.

In addition to building screenshots, graphics and workflows, the management system provides additional output channels for email, sms, telefax or printing (e.g. for fire service route maps) in order to better visualize alarms, messages and any other relevant information.

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