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Building management systems (BMS) are centralized systems for controlling heating, cooling, ventilation, air humidity, lighting and other systems. The goal of building automation is to provide comfort and efficient management of all systems. In this way, the cost of heating or cooling buildings can be drastically reduced, as well as reducing the wear and tear of systems.

Building automation is an example of a distribution control system. It is a network of computer devices that are created for the purpose of monitoring and control of mechanical access systems, fire alarm, lighting, HVAC, steam generators and ventilation systems in buildings.

The idea behind building automation is to keep the microclimate in a building within certain limits by monitoring the condition of all systems and signaling instantly in case of failure, providing a quick response to removal. Building management systems are the reason for reducing not only the daily costs but also the cost of maintenance of the equipment. Nowadays, there are almost no office and industrial buildings that are not automated. This automation process is also observed for older buildings in order to maximize cost optimization.

What we do

We at ALOCOR offer both standard and customer-friendly solutions for building automation. We offer products of one of the pioneers in the industry. Companies that set the standards for automating homes, office buildings and industrial buildings. We strongly rely on our suppliers and partners, CAREL, Honeywell & Siemens, who are over 30 years old. Through them, we were able to build and provide our customers with a variety of solutions to deal with problems with air conditioning, ventilation or security of buildings.

We offer a full range of automation and control components that can be freely programmed and used for functions such as:

  • air regulators;
  • cooling or heating pumps;
  • roofing units;
  • precise air conditioning systems;
  • cooling systems for telecommunications.
  • compressor holders.
  • refrigeration rooms and much more.

The automation systems offered by ALOCOR communicate with building management systems through protocols such as:

  • Modbus®,
  • BACnet,
  • TCP/IP,
  • SNMP,
  • Metasys®
  • LonWorks® (Echelon®).

ALOCOR offers its customers intranets and Internet interfaces. All building systems and products comply with the specific requirements of the customer.



Analysis of the project

clearly defining building specifications and user needs. It is desirable that the analysis occurs at the design stage, in order to maximize the efficiency of the BMS components, an excellent end result and save time and money.


Construction and commissioning

after a detailed analysis of the project and the client's decision to trust ALOCOR, the processes of building management system integration are as follows: design, equipment supply, installation, setup and commissioning.



ALOCOR's team of engineers train the personnel who will be working with the building management system to operate the system, so as to derive all the benefits of its implementation.



regular maintenance of the system ensures its proper functioning. ALOCOR specialists take care of the continuous optimization of the system.


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