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Steam humidifiers are devices that increase the humidity in a room – a room, apartment, house, office or industrial building. Industrial vapor humidifiers and air humidifiers have endless applications – from the preservation of fresh products during storage and distribution to the removal of dust and airborne infections in industrial buildings and facilities. Steam humidifiers are an important part of the equipment of many industries and with proper use can save both money and time for heating and replacing equipment.

ALOCOR, relying on its strategic partner CAREL, offers the industry solutions to increase air humidity in two categories: isothermal and adiabatic humidification.


In the isothermal wetting process water vapour is dispersed into the environment. This process of vapor humidification implies the participation of an external source of energy to change the physical state of the water. This moisturizing process allows precise temperature control. It also offers a high level of air decontamination due to the fact that the whole process is carried out at a temperature above 100°C. Isothermal vapor humidifiers can be electric or gas.

Working method
of steam humidifiers
with isothermal wetting process

Unlike evaporating humidifiers, vapor humidifiers produce steam before the mixing process begins. Steam in this case can be supplied directly to the ventilation or plugged into the air conditioning system. The steam can be created either with the help of a central steam generator or decentralized – when fed to an air conditioning system to be produced in the place where the air conditioning unit is.

Plants that produce steam using a central steam generator are called pressurized steam generators. Vapor formers of this type are most often used together with a central air conditioning system and can be used both centrally and decentrally.

There are two main varieties of pressurized steam generators on the market, electric and gas. Electrical , in turn, is divided into a method of electrolysis or immersion electric heaters.

In the electrolysis method, lattice electrodes are immersed in a container of water and use the conductivity of water. The current in this type of humidifiers flows directly through the water, heats it and evaporates it. Under this principle, the steam produced is controlled through the water level in the vessel.
The principle of immersion electric heaters is simple. Electric heaters are immersed in a container with water, where the control of the created steam is carried out through the heaters themselves.

In addition , steam generators can also be powered by natural gas (methane) or propane-butane. In this case, water is heated directly using gas burners. In this kind of steam generators the control of the produced steam is carried out directly with control of the burners.

In the category of isothermal steam humidifiers ALOCOR offers:

  1. Submerged electrode humidifiers
  2. Heating humidifiers and gas humidifiers.


This is a process in which water is passed through cooling nets that are blown with the air to be moistened and cooled. This method is one of the cheapest to maintain and build. Such systems are recommended for large building facilities. Thanks to the cooling effect, they can also be used for air conditioning systems in hot regions.

In this case, humidification is provided by injecting pressurized water through fine nozzles. In addition, injection of compressed air is also permissible, for finer fracturing of water droplets and for more efficient spraying. Since this method, as well as the previous one, causes the water to change its state from liquid to gaseous, here too there is a cooling effect.

Adiabatic humidifiers are used in a variety of environments to humidify and cool the air. Very often it is used in the cooling of large outdoor spaces in areas with hot climates.

Adiabatic systems are important solutions for humidification. They work with reliable, accurate and energy-saving technology, as their work is based on dispersing water in millions of small droplets that evaporate spontaneously into the air, humidification and cooling. Their energy consumption is very low, only 4W per liter of sprayed water for the most efficient systems, less than 1% compared to the consumption of a simple steam humidifier.

In this category, ALOCOR offers:


Pressurized water humidifiers


Humidifiers with pressurized air


Water mist humidifiers


Evaporative cooling

Steam humidifiers

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