Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers
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ALOCOR is the exclusive agent of the Italian company RECUPERATOR, a leader in the design and production of heat exchangers, part of the CAREL group of companies.

RECUPERATOR products are innovative and have always held leading positions in the market because of their high quality. The entire production process in RECUPERATOR is efficient and innovative. The first step involves specialized software tools for order management, which automatically send the information to the production factory. The automatic production has 10 lines, which reduce human intervention and contribute to the assembly of heat exchangers in a short time. Finished products must be tested according to standard quality procedures. The company has a well-equipped testing laboratory. The final step, which also marks the end of the manufacturing process, is the installation of shock absorbers (if the model includes any) and the packaging of the heat exchanger.

RECUPERATOR has a series of certificates proving the quality of heat exchangers and all the requirements they meet from institutes around the world.

The cooperation with RECUPERATOR is another step in the development and renewal of the products that ALOCOR offers to find even more creative and effective solutions for each project you trust us.

WHY should you trust ALOCOR?

If you choose ALOCOR, our experts will create customized and customer-oriented solutions for you. Our projects are different every time and rarely repeated. We strive to maximally implement each plan in the best, professional and fastest way possible, understanding and fully respecting your budget.

Our team , composed of the best highly qualified specialists in the field, is always ready and at your disposal to discuss any problem or answer any question related to a product, a project and its characteristics. We strive to be as flexible as possible in order to work in the service of our customers.



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