Diesel generators

Diesel generators
They are important for Your business.

Diesel generators are one of the most reliable options for providing autonomous, permanent or emergency power supply. Without electricity, modern economies: business, industry, commerce and everyday life would be impossible. It is essential that energy consumers have a secure and reliable additional (emergency) power source in times of breakdown or power shortage.

Anticipating the needs of its customers to ensure the security of their business, ALOCOR offers an extensive product line of diesel single-phase or three-phase generators, with power from 5 to 3000 KVA.

With our solutions we become your reliable partner in the design, technical consultation, implementation, operation, training, qualification, servicing and technical maintenance of your energy projects and facilities.

Why You Should Trust Alocor

If you choose ALOCOR, our experts will create unique and customer-oriented solutions for you. Our projects are different every time and rarely repeated. We strive to maximally implement each plan in the best, professional and fastest way possible, understanding and fully respecting your budget.

Our team , which consists of the best highly qualified specialists in the field, is always ready and at your disposal to discuss any problem or answer any question related to a product, a project and its characteristics. We strive to be as flexible as possible in order to work in the service of our customers.

Realized projects
with Diesel generators

Among the satisfied customers of the company are the US Military Base in Novo Selo and RIU Pravets Resort Hotel.

The US military base in Novo Selo trusted us and our professionalism. We have been their reliable partner for the supply of temporary and emergency power supply for more than 3 years. You can read more information about the project HERE.

Together with Pro Cinema , ALOCOR provided 200kVA autonomous power supply for a special event at RIU Pravets Hotel.
More on the topic HERE.

ALOCOR can also deliver emergency power to your home.
More about the project, read HERE.

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