In the history that the ALOCOR team has been writing for 14 years, it has always been important to choose our partners wisely, as well as to do our best to make every relationship sustainable and long-term. We strongly believe that a company becomes a market leader not only thanks to the excellent work of the entire team behind it, but also to the attitude and connection with its associates.

An effective partnership is when both parties follow the same or similar philosophy about the services and products they offer. That is why we are proud of our partners and the high-tech solutions that we implement with them. We are pleased that together we realize our boldest ideas, every day we improve and aim for the highest peaks, united by the idea of process automation as the highest form of intelligent business management.

Our partners:

Allocor - Honeywell - logo

Honeywell – a company with a rich portfolio of products for building automation and smart solutions for high-tech houses and offices.


Samsung provides air conditioning systems featuring high machine quality and technological innovation, including flexibility in connecting to various air conditioning communication protocols and smart solutions for home and business.


Esser by Honeywell – a leading provider of professional solutions (innovative, efficient and flexible) for fire protection – from voice alarm to work management software.

Allocor - Carel - Logo

CAREL – products (vapor humidifiers) and complete energy-saving solutions for building automation.


RECUPERATOR (member of CAREL group) – leader in the design and production of high quality heat exchangers.

Allocor - Siemens logo

Siemens – is the partner with whom we successfully manage to introduce innovative and smart products and technologies in various fields.

Allocor - Prolan logo

Prolan – the Hungarian company is a leader in railway control and security, ensuring efficient management, monitoring and safety of infrastructure.

Allocor - Biodit - logo

Biodit – the Bulgarian company develops technological biometric systems for access control and time attendance based on biometric identification.